She tried to explain to him what Camus meant by the "invincible Summer" within. Ritchie wasn't sure he got it, but he liked the sound of her voice and the weight of her small head on his body. 

At that moment, she realized they had forgotten to decide on a "safe word" for the night. But Amy wondered, might the old one work? Would yelling BURRATA end the game?

They were thrilled, shivering with excitement really. Not only was it two-for-one vanilla shake Tuesday, but the Dark Lord had been whispering into Wyatt’s ear all morning and 2013 quite sounded promising. 

Jen was disappointed she had to play the alien again, but Duke was right, he looked better in the helmet and it was all the more believable this way.  

This was the plan: they would vibe and vibe hard. They'd go back into the house, finish off the Szechuan chicken leftovers, then go outside again- and vibe even harder. For the Jablowskis, first impressions were paramount.   

Asked what made their marriage work for so many years, Janice and Brad replied in unison: good communication, mutual respect, and shared interests. When asked about their shared interests, they, again, replied in unison: Adderall.   

Nobody puts Benita in a corner.